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Isometric pullups

Isometric pullups are interesting to look at but are a rigorous form of exercise when to come around to do it. It is because your arms feel the burn to...

Ankle bands - Gear for a firm footing

Physical exertion is bound to affect your body in some or another way. In sports like wrestling and martial arts, there are most chances of your injuring your feet.

Deadlift - For increased core strength & posture

This is a popular powerlifting exercise besides bench press and squats. The core element of this technique is that it involves the usage of a lot of weights. 

Takedown off Body Drag #27

Takedowns in wrestling are essential. They are a way of forming power over your opponent and combat their moves every step of the way. 


Choke/armlock might be two separate techniques but there are instances in a fight where can use it together if need be.